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for president barack obama and romney the two squaring off at hofstra university in new york the debate is in a town hall format president barack obama reminded voters that romney didn't support the bailout of the auto industry and a tangle over what romney meant when he said let detroit go bankrupt. >> to say i wanted to take the auto industry bankrupt, you actually did and i think it's important now that was a process that was necessary to get those companies back on their feet so they could start hiring more people that was precisely what i recommended and ultimately what happens. >> what governor romney said just isn't true, you wanted to take them into bankruptcy without providing them any way to stay open and we would have lost 1 million jobs. >> join us for analysis with the hash tagged wgn 20 12th you know 25 minutes into the debate there were reports of 1 million related to bade tweets. debate tweets. we would hear from some voters live after tom skilling forecast. lance shut down tonight creating a real headache for drivers in addition the installation of the towers and con
because of problems with loose seats. president obama end mitt romney meeting in denver to square off on issues facing our country. the economy, the economy into the economy dominated the first part of the debate. middle income americans have seen their income come down by $4,300, but it's been a crushing at the same time gasoline prices have doubled under the present electric rates are up, food prices are up. >> for 18 months we've been running on this tax plan and now five weeks before the election he is saying that his big bold idea is it never mind and to the fact is that if you are lowering their rates... >> >> obama care is on my list i apologize mr. president i use that term with all respect. i'm going to stop this subsidy to pbs i actually like youtube but i'm not going to keep on spending money on things to bar money from china to pay for it. >> we do have more debate coverage coming up later we are hearing for straight from the voters and an analysis from political analyst paul lisneck is coming up in the newscast. and toxic chemicals found in 70 percent of child produ
obama is trying to confuse the voters and is distorting mitt romney's record. tickets range from 2500 to nearly $76,000 per person. they say about 260 people attended >> outside the hotel dozens of protesters gathered to demonstrate against the republican agenda. >> local activist state romney and paul reiser and economic policies will only further burdened the middle class >> just days away from the first and only vice-presidential debate the candidates are preparing for the big match up. politicians from both parties are weighing in on who they say will come out on top >> the countdown to joe biden and paul ryan's face-off in danville, kentucky has begun. the v-p candidates are preparing to go head-to-head on the heels of last week's first presidential debate. i think that the v.p. debates are very important. -- i think paul is going to do a great job, but i also think that joe biden is incredibly gifted when it comes to debating and understanding policy. he is a good orator. after president obama's poor showing against mitt romney in denver this past week, democrats are coun
romney i'm glad that you agree that we had success in going after al kited but i have to tell you that your strategy previously has been one that has been all over the map. >> my strategy has been pretty straightforward which is to go after the bad guys to interrupt and kill them but the key that we will have to pursue is a pathway to get the muslim world to reject extremism on its own. just a few weeks ago you indicated we should still have troops in iraq. and coming up a complete political analysis from paul lisneck. more than 15,000 cast their ballots. he has been politically mia for months. he did pull his name off of the ballot for the next election. just moments ago at o'hare airport, we are speaking with both of them. let me tell you he was looking good, he had liked moments then he had very serious moments. >> the congressmen just back from washington a 19 minuteat a 90 minute meeting. this accusation is a ludicrous. it was not only disrespectful, he had no basis in the truth. voters have not heard from jackson since back in june until a robotic call to constituents ove
's presidential debate with president obama and mitt romney getting ready to go head-to-head for the first time and their supporters weighing in on who is best prepared. i think both are excellent in their own way. i think you could argue that mitt has had a lot more recent experience, obviously, but also, candy part of it depends on who is moderating. he's been through at least 20 debates in the course of the primaries, and newt gingrich himself said just the other day, he's the best debater. he beat all of them. tim pawlenty, a republican said they think he's a terrific debater mitt romney used senator rob portman of ohio to act as his opponent while preparing for the debate.... and john kerry played the role of romney stand-in...for president obama. the president has a day job, the presiden'ts been president and has not had the time to practice, all we hear about is that mitt romney's been practicing practicing, practicing wherever he goes. i think mitt romney is going to come in there very prepared, he's going to do very well because he's done very well in all of the debates i thin
president obama and romney are spinning last night's debate. >> the so-called king of clubs headed to prison williams only demand this summer for two as the state's ultimate political insider today sentenced by a federal judge to one year and one day he was convicted for attempting to shake down a hollywood producer he asked a judge for a probation citing failing health we are disappointed that mr. selene did not get a sentence and probation but obviously we except the sentencing that the judge provided a catholic priest from indiana disappears in greece and his family believes that he is in serious danger or maybe even dead, father christian said that he and a translator were trying to escape from a foreign country and they were involved in a heated dispute to the archdiocese says it's aware of the situation and is praying for its safe return. a cnn post a debate last night reflects what the pundits have been saying all along today it was a resounding victory for the republican candidate mitt romney apparently uncommitted registered voters showed 57 percent of them gave romney the
are takers. >> romney is a good man he cares about 100 percent of americans in this country. i think the vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth of the right way. >> later in this broadcast we'll have reaction from voters. new development today in the mystery of them missing north suburban moms and her two little girls. we are live with the latest on the investigation. the investigation for the night wrapping up here about 90 minutes ago people taking down their police tape packing up and clearing the seen no real updates from them on what they spent most of the day doing. as darkness falls on this quiet street investigators from the lake county sheriff's office, and go friends and family fearing the worst. we don't know what happened we don't know where she is we're worried about the kids and of course not knowing anything and everything is going through your head. printer two daughters haven't been seen since saturday night when they left her parents' home the girls are to year-old in the four months old her estranged husband reported
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the president and mr. romney compare with jobs. when you look at two years ago in the depths of a great receptionfor recession 42 percent approved of obama's handling. again when you look at those numbers there is still complains downstate how did these two candidates helpmeet feel about me? which candidate cares more about people like you? the reason i call it a gut check is because it's not necessarily anything statistical it's just who is coming across better as someone who can relate to and here i think it shows the success of the obama camp. on this question across age, gender and geography obama won this election. republican presidential hopeful romijn appears to have changed his position on abortion again a key issue among social conservatives, while visiting ohio today. romney also said if elected he would reinstate the so-called mexico city policy which bans federal funds. will president obama, swinging in round two of the presidential debates next week critics said he didn't seem too enthusiastic last week's soap for the second time he said he will not be mr. nice guy next tim
president obama or mitt romney has more leverage on the topic. i think the president has a very strong record in foreign policy. he went after bin laden. he decimated al qaeda. he has restored our alliances. first of all, governor romney lived overseas for several years as a missionary, worked in international business for many many years, was governor of massachusetts, dealt with the entire world in helping rebuild the winter olympics and literally had virtually every country in the world that he was dweelg in that session, and he is a man who understands the larger world. katherine fenton -- an undecided voter from last week's town hall debate -- asked a question about women and equality in the workplace. now, she's speaking out about the final debate. i'm definitely looking forward to the next debate, i would like to hear what they have to say, especially what they have to say about the position of america in the middle east changing - i'm very interested in iran's nuclear capabilities, i think a lot of the focus for voters is on domestic policy, but we've had debates about th
to the white house tonight. mitt romney's campaign reporting today they collected $112 million during the first half of the month he is ready for the big push to election day. this campaign is about big things because we happen to believe thahahaha recognize this a yeawiththththth big choice in the americans want to see big changes and i will bring it to this country. >> the romney campaign says 92 percent of donations for contributions of $250 or less, he made three campaign stops throughout that battleground states. and an incumbent tea party congressman put against his democratic challenger, tami duckworth vs. joe walsh. what stands out right away for you? first let's look at the numbers this is a race being watched all over the country what we found is that it's duckworth, 50 percent, walsh 40 percent. nine percent are undecided which seems like a fairly large figure so close to election day but when you go deeper into the numbers it's very simple why she has this lead, it's the women's vote among men is 46-45 walsh but when you look at the women's vote it is 54, 34 duckworth 20 percentag
to be appealed to. tomorrow night at the first presidential debate between president barack obama and romney will be underway in denver final preparations are being made for the first of three showdowns between them. this face-off will focus heavily on domestic policy and the economy. he called hoover dam breathtaking. the race is close with president obama leading romney by 3%. we have to get jobs again in this country. ohio senator robb portman vice- presidentvice president joe biden goofed up talking about taxes on the middle class. >> the middle class has been buried for the last four years. >> buried, we agree that means we need to stop digging by electing romney the next president of the united states. the republican ticket quick to adopt ryan's slogan. a suburban cop is in and the royal treatment in england and other european countries today they say he helped him win the ryder cup. we are in the car and i let him know don't worry about it i will get you there on time. pat roland's was the man behind the wheel and today he is being held a hero in europe. profiled on the bbc even in
than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out.mitt romney getting a bounce from the first debate a new poll shows him thai and president obama even leading a group. the republican nominee leads among voters 49-45% romney blasted the president as a weaker world leader he elected to boost military spending, work with syrian rebelsdropped a half linerebels and draw a hard line with al-qaeda. romney participated in a round table. he called for strong foreign policy debate with the president on october the 16th. the world is a better place because cesar chavez decided to change it. most importantly let's live up to his example. what we are hearing is a note in democratic country this time around there seems to be a tepid response for registration. chicago residents have two options, you can register online at chicago collections.com. chicago elections.com. since the tax payers, we need to make sure the people in and around illinois sports authority of the best sports professionals. the seven member board was supposed oppose candidates monday. back to the mayor and his big
the obama buy and ticket will pull out the win in a state where polls show that the president and romney in a very tight race. i can't even understand how he offshore is his money let alone jobs. mitt romney is on the move when voters in swing states in the close presidential race tonight in the key battleground state of ohio for the second time in 90 days the government announced the economy grew by 2 percent in the third quarter exceeding expectations. after the stimulus was passed to the white house promised that the economy would be growing at 4.3% over twice as fast. today he dismissed romney's economic failed economic policies of the past. the chicago tribune endorsed the president for the second time, the paper says that he is credited for effectively prosecuted the war on terror. i think the youth has a lot of power and we have the power to make a difference. they are really open to both sides. the kids will enjoy the opportunity banks to school teachers who picked them to participate in the program. the top democrat in the u.s. senate has been released from the hospital after b
in last night's debate. congressman ryan made it very clear that he and romney are prepared to impose their private to views on everyone else. it was made clear last night that they do not believe in protecting a woman's access to healthcare it was made very clear that they do not believe a woman has the right to control her own body. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney and paul rai campaign together in lancaster ohio one of the key battleground states for the election no republican has won the office without an ohio ryan said the democrats are not offering any new ideas with president barack obama saying more of the same. every now and then i see these obama rallies into their chanting four more years our chair is four more weeks all right? we are getting ready for a change. both romney and president barack obama now have to get ready for debate no. 2 that happens this coming tuesday in new york it will take the form of a town hall meeting citizens in the audience will ask questions of the candidates on both foreign and domestic issues. 14 year-old was shot in head and
showing this time around, things could be different... with republican challenger mitt romney gaining ground with independents. "he's been running around saying he's got a five-point plan for the economy. turns out it's a one-point plan. folks at the very top get to play by a very different set of rules than you do." it was kissimmee, florida for mitt romney. the g-o-p presidential hopeful..telling supporters the president failed to fulfill his campaign promises. "he promised that his would be a post partisan presidency. but, we've him over these last four years that he's been divisive and and demonized almost every group that opposed him." the v-p candidates making the rounds, too. joe biden in virginia..targeting the republican ticket. "i've never seen two candidates for the highest office of the land who are more negative about the state of our country." paul ryan in ohio...where recent polls give the president a slight advantage. hope and change has become anger, frustration, divide and conquer. and, both sides keeping a nervous eye on sandy. romney and biden canceled weekend sto
. >> with president obama and mitt romney staying indoors preparing both will, and gov. romney had different opinions. oh, a clear vision about the middle-class and the role they will play in building the economy. romney tax cuts for the wealthiest cutting regulations and hoping everything gets better. that failed in the first decade but listen to the worst financial economic collapse that come tree experiences the great depression. for their final debate come their running mates onto the campaign trail... to speak before to voters and fire- up the rank and file. reporter cristina mutchler has more. >> several hundred pro-life the elections are just from a corner and it can deter wasting no time. they prepare to go head-to-head vice presidential candidates take to the trail. we're not going to duck these tough issues we're going to run at our country's economic problems before they get out of control. that is will leaders do. the american people are looking to depend on a president who says what he means and means what he says. president all bombing talk about budget proposal to help economic recov
just to try to score a few political points. so in virginia romney said while the rate is falling he thinks it's because more people have stopped looking for jobs. the truth is if the same share of people were participating in the workforce today our unemployment rate would be around 11%. jack welch doesn't believe the latest unemployment rate is of real and he thinks that the chicago way has something to do with that. he suggests that the numbers have been manipulated for political reasons he said unbelievable job numbers these chicago guys will do anything, cannot debate so change job numbers. mitch romney reverses himself on the 47% comments initially sank his remarks were not elegantly stated but in an interview last night he said if the 4747 percent, up during the debate he would have said he was just completely wrong. we are live at the scene. good evening about three dozen or so bikers in france in a family of new towns and are actually here right now at the location where that tragic accident happened earlier today at the corner of ok and wells near the north side downtown a
romney preparing for tomorrow night's debate everyone has an opinion on it president obama's previous performance. >> i think showing that it is a clear choice one from a president who has worked hard and tirelessly to get this economy moving because he believes fundamentally in the middle class. verses another person who when it came to the auto industry said let it go bankrupt. and with the comment 47%. i think he does not understand the concerns of middle-class families. you can see the president's performance for yourself when he and governor romney debate in new york watch the entire debate on our web site and tweet with us. an analysis at 9. this city battles with a 75 year parking meter contract that leaves the city woefully short mayor emanuel is looking for a creative way out. live with of the latest move being made. the latest moves being made. >> mayor ron emanuelemanuel once and audits of these, he wants to make sure the revenue collection matches the number of meters around the city $50 million. the mayor inherited a 75 year 1.1 $5 billion lead for the chicago parking m
comments do not reflect gov romney's views. tonight he is in cedar rapids iowa also apply to nev. florida virginia and ohio this week trying to round up votes in these two states in stay with a message on the economy. i'm not as optimistic about winning i'm more optimistic about the future for america things are about to get better and i am convinced of that. he is also trying to put to rest another distraction he apologized for saying he wanted to take a swing at him during the presidential debates what he called his father mr. romney a liar. tomorrow he returns home to chicago to vote early in an off-camera interview today he revealed a second term plan he says he is confident he can pass immigration reform tonight he is in denver on a marathon 48 our cross-country bush saying that he is changing his position to please different crowds. he is counting on you to forget what he stands for he's hoping that you to will come down with the case of what we like to call romnesia. but i'm donald trump delivered is a bombshell he has been promising about president obama. >> if barack obama opens
. republican challenger is mitch romney and paul ryan focusing on another battleground state vice- presidential candidate paul ryan speaking with tampa on to progress on their thoughts about improving the economy later in the day he and romney for a rally. illinois congressman joe walsh backing up after his comments about how there is no medical reason an abortion should be performed to save the life of a mother he says there are rare circumstances when it should be done. his congressional opponent tami duckworth seizing on the issue as the two continue to go toe to toe. it's really sad he would take this position infringing on a woman's rights to choose what to do with her own body with her own doctor and her own family. mrs. duckworth thinks so poorly of women that if she can simply utter the word women and only women will forget all about the fact that they are unemployed and that they are struggling to stay above water on their mortgage. they say coming up, a new generation of farmers how one chicago woman is reaching into her family's past to build her future, she is one of chicago's very
to the process the concept of due process. >> mitt romney squawking about big bird, ever since he said he would cut funding for pbs president barack obama has been making it a punch line and now it's in his latest attack ad. >> big yellow, a menace to our economy, you have to worry about not wall street but sesame street. >> he said the president should talk more about saving jobs than saving sesame street. >> these are tough times with real serious issues but you have to scratch your head when the president spends the last week talking about saving big bird. >> governor romney once wall street to run wild again but he is going to bring down the hammer on sesame street. obama campaign officials say they are reviewing the request to take down the ad. chicago board of elections are staying open until 12 to handle the last minute crowd registration is on the ground floor. if you plan to register by mail it needs to be postmarked after that there is a grace period from october 10th until november 3rd it's one of the most hotly contested congressional races in the country tonight from the eighth
to the governors as well as to the mayors is anything they need, we will be there mitt romney also changed his campaign schedule but was able to stop in swing state ohio. "...our thoughts and prayers with them." and it's not just wind and rain. a third storm bringing canadian cold... could blanket west virginia, pennsylvania and ohio with wet heavy snow. "i don't know what to expect..." a high tide and a full moon make an already terrible weather situation even worse. casinos are closed in atlantic city, new jersey. and this sign says it all: be kind to us sandy. the governor of maryland has also declared a state of emergency >> in maryland... >> we have been here all day and, this is certainly the worst of... rain pelting down... this is not the worse... we have about 24 hours to go until the worst comes... the waves are fierce. hide tide and how long the storm will last is the most concerning... >> where are you? >> balcony of oceanside hotel... a big tourist site... the pool is drained... all visitors were evacuated here. the conditions are getting worse... >> sandy maybe 1,000 mi. a
last night romney telling voters in the swing state of virginia that he is qualified to handle women's chief concerns because of his business experience. acutepresident obama quoting women voters he said he has always supported equal pay for equal work in for a pink breast cancer bracelet today and were that his election night will take indoors at mccormick place. we spoke with the chicago security company that handles events like these what they said about the mccormick location in our second half- hour. >> julian crews is helping the board of elections get the word out tonight. >> pay close attention to the location so that you know exactly and can confirm the location of your polling place. he is urging people to look for their voter guides due to arrive in your mailbox any day now so you will not be surprised election day if your polling place moves. in about one-third of our voters will be givenin our wards in approximately 15 percent of voters will have a new polling place. the changes are due to the precinct consolidations and newly drawn ward maps. for months now they have
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24